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Driving, whether it is for fun or in competiton in shows is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable things you can have the pleasure of doing. I like to drive down the road to our neighbors. Then drive back the lane and around the lake and through the woods and across the dam. Then for another challenge I go back through my woods and up and down the hills. I specialize in driving harness to fit a donkey. I custom make the tack specifically to fit your animal whether it is a miniature, standard or mammoth donkey or a mule. The single harness is the classic collar style with a well padded leather lined gig saddle, a bridle style you want with options like the easy ears bridle overcheck if needed. This harness includes a two strap breeching.

All harness, or halters, are available in black or russet betathane or leather. Betathane is easy to clean with water and is strong and not affected by the weather. My leather is the finest American harness leather I can buy to provide years of durable service. You also have a choice of stainless or brass hardware. This beautiful custom harness will provide you with comfortable driving enjoyment for many years. If you prefer, or for work, I also have the collar and hames (black included) style available for any size animal-even for miniature driving donkeys. Specially proportioned collars are sold separately.

My goal to all my customers is to provide the best quality and fitting for your animal -- it is guaranteed or you may return it within 30 days for a full refund of the purchase price or I'll replace it to meet your specifications.

A Ravenwood Full Gig Harness is not just another harness. Each Ravenwood Full Gig Harness is handmade with attention to detail, custom-sized and fitted for the individual with each piece of the harness based on the mechanics of motion using European and American harness styles and designed to assist with movement and provide comfort for the animal. Only the best quality of harness leather and stainless steel hardware are used in the construction of a Ravenwood Harness.

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